Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday - More Circle 2

Sneak Peek Sunday!  I'm sharing six paragraphs of my current work in progress  an erotic paranormal romance featuring a group of vampires.

These six paragraphs are part of a memory of my character, Ursula.  My protagonist, Claire, has additional vampiric powers and one of them is sharing memories through a blood exchange.  Last week you read the first six paragraphs, Read them here

Here's the next six.  

Ursula greedily sucks in a huge hit and holds it. She’s wearing an outlandish white faux fur waist length jacket and a fake leather miniskirt so short her ass cheeks are nearly exposed. Fishnet stockings and red spike heels. The black girl is in a leopard print spandex catsuit that screams this is the eighties.  Ursula’s black hair is a huge cloud around her gorgeous face, permed, teased and hairsprayed into an impressive height. 
            “Ginger is a twat,” Ursula says without exhaling.  But there is affection in her dark blue eyes.  Worry too.
            “How much you make tonight?” The black girl takes another hit, the red ember at the end of the joint glows brightly.
            “Not enough.” Ursula frowns. She exhales a stream of gray-blue smoke as the lights of the X-rated Piccadilly Circus theater marquee above her stutter off and on.
            “Me either.  Rodney’s such a bastard lately.”  The black girl juts a hip when a car slows as it drifts by.  She and Ursula aim practiced smiles at the driver, who hesitates, then pulls to the curb.
            “Want to spend some time together, love?” She and the black girl approach the car, all business now.  The promise of sex oozes from their pores.

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  1. Fantastic six... Love the description.

    Just a FIY... the new sign up which goes live tonight at 12:01 is now here http://sneak-peek-sunday(dot)blogspot(dot)com. I created a dedicated website for Sneak Peek Sunday.