Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sunday Sneak Peek - More of The Circle 2

Here's another six paragraphs.  Don't forget to scroll down to find the first few so you know where you left off!

The man pulls into a small car park in front of a grungy, run-down building.
            “My flat’s just there.” He gestures.
            “You’ve got one hour or the rates go up,” Ursula tells him and gets out of the car. Her spiked heels are loud on the pavement. When the man tries to slide an arm around her waist, she pulls away.
            “No touching till we get inside,” she snaps.
            “Suits me,” says the man and shoves open the street door. The hall inside reeks of puke and cat piss.
            Ursula holds her wrist to her nose to smell her perfume. “Jesus Christ.”


  1. Ugh. Makes me very curious about Ursula and what put her in these circumstances.

    1. Ursula is quite the character. She is not happy about sharing this particular memory. It only gets worse! :)

  2. Worse! Well geez. Ursula doesn't sound like the type of chick to put up with this guy. Okay, I'm going to have to search to see why she is now.