Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday - More from The Circle 2 - Vampire Erotic Paranormal Romance

More from the Circle 2.  This one is R-rated for sure.

I kissed him because I couldn't resist. His mouth moved against mine as he whispered my name. Inside my head, I envisioned a golden, sparkling net which I cast out toward him. Sometimes when I did this mental exercise, I netted his thoughts. A guilty pleasure because most of the time, he was thinking of me.
“God, I love you so much, Claire. Full of golden light, that’s you. Why can’t you see yourself as I see you? Just once I’d like you to look in the mirror and see what I see. Just once.”
He found the zipper tab in the back of my crumpled gown and pulled. The gown slid to the floor and I stepped out of the circle of silk and kicked it away. Naked, I pressed against Andre as his hand covered the X on my back and the red circle around it.
I nicked my tongue against one of his fangs and at the taste of my blood, he hissed and lifted me up into his arms. Never stopping our kiss, he carried me to his bed and gently let me down on the mattress. I watched him undress. First his shirt dropped to the floor, then his pants and socks. His body was fucking hot. Sleek, muscled, male. His erection jutted straight up, pointing at the ceiling and when he moved to the bed, I slid across the mattress so I could take him in my hand. One pearlescent drop of moisture glittered on the tip of his penis and I licked it away. He fisted my hair with both hands and watched me, his dark eyes dreamy with lust. Love. Andre loved me. The only person in the whole world who ever had.
I loved him too. So much. But I was afraid to tell him. Love was so strange and giddy a concept. I wanted to savor it, understand it. I wanted to tell him, but something inside me always held back. My self-esteem was shaky at best and while I was slowly coming to believe myself worthwhile, I just wasn't ready to be so vulnerable and tell him I loved him. I didn't seem to do things right and this was so important I had to have it perfect. Anyway, he knew I loved him, how could he not?  It was all right there every time I touched him. 

I wanted him to always look at me the way he was right now. Always want me the way I wanted him. Always.

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday - More From The Circle 2

More from the Circle 2.  :)  Sunday Sneak Peek time again!


“You think you can help me? How?" I asked.
 “I’m your trigger. You heard Oliver tonight. I’m the one who’s supposed to get a handle on this thing. We’re in this together, okay?”
I stared at Andre, vulnerable and alone. He swore beneath his breath and rolled to his feet with his effortless, vampiric grace so he could come to me.
For the first time since we’d left Oliver’s warehouse, I allowed him to embrace me. He smelled so good. He felt so damn wonderful.
“I could lose myself in you,” I whispered, winding my arms around his neck. The rapid thud of his heartbeat matched mine.
“No.” He combed his fingers through my snarled hair. “We find ourselves in each other, Claire. My strength is yours if you’ll just take it.”

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Sneak Peek Sunday - Andre and Claire

More Sneak Peek Sunday from my second vampire novel in my Circle series. Which, alas, is as yet unpublished.  The first novel is out on the submission mill, so cross your fingers for me!


“I wouldn't be able to choose the memory. It could be anything horrid from his past. It probably would be awful knowing my luck. This fucking Enhanced power never seems to have any positive uses. It’s always negative. Always.”  I scrambled away from Andre, intent on escape, but there was nowhere to go.
“You influence mortals. You read their minds and you help them. I've seen you do it, Claire.” More patience. The man was a saint and I was a frigging demon from hell he’d been tasked to care for.
“Oh, yeah. So I make lovers forget why they’re angry at each other and once I gave a homeless man ten pounds and told him to take the offer of work in the shelter. Big frigging deal. And anyway, that’s mortals. What I have done for the Circle with my power?  What positive thing have I ever done for anybody here?”
“ You've brought me joy,” he told me. And looked so fucking miserable as he said it.
“Yeah, I’m Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and the fucking Easter Bunny all rolled up into a sexy package with blond hair and big boobs. Yeah, I’m wonderful, aren't I?” I stalked to the window and stared down into Hyde Park. Bare branches, dirty patches of snow. Ugly. Filthy and barren as my thoughts were tonight.
“Claire.” Andre held out his hand and the stubborn idiot truly expected me to rush across the room and take it. “We can’t make the shared memories stop if we don’t know how they work.”


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Sneak Peek Sunday - Claire and Andre Make Plans

More from the Circle 2!  Andre is Claire's trigger -- which means he is her best shield against the thoughts of mortals overwhelming Claire as her powers ramp up.  He's also her lover and her master. The Circle is set up in a master/apprentice mentorship.  Masters guide. They don't own. Every master has a different style. I kinda like Andre's, but then I'm biased since I wrote him!  :)

Last week Claire was searching for a way to make it up to Ursula for sharing her terrible memory of being stabbed by her john when she was a mortal prostitute. Secrets from mortal life are like currency in the Circle. Guarded jealously and shared only between intimates, Claire's ability to read minds and share/see memories threatens to topple the delicate balance of the Circle and everyone in it.


Do you think if I told her I killed Stephen, it would make things better?” I asked. Stephen. My drug addict boyfriend. The last one I’d had before I’d been Turned. He’d been an abusive fuck and I’d let him shoot up an extra strong dose of heroin without warning him it was more than he was used to. Then I’d watched French television while he’d died on the bathroom floor. Four years ago. Four seconds ago. My atrocity was never far from my mind.
“You didn't kill him.” Andre’s voice was flat. “And, no, it wouldn't make things better. Getting control of your powers is the only thing that might.”
“I have no idea how I shared her memory. I've never shared them before. I've seen people’s memories. They come at random. I don’t try to make them happen.” I squeezed my eyes shut and rocked back and forth on the mattress.
“I’m going to ask Gareth to help us. Have him come round here so we can practice.”
“You want to try to make them happen?  Force a shared memory?” I lifted my head so I could stare at him. You heard Oliver. It’s an abomination. It’s rape. I can’t do that on purpose. I can’t, Dre!”
“If we’re trying to do it, Gareth would have full knowledge that it was going to happen. That’s not rape, that’s consensual.” Andre’s voice was gentle. He was so damned patient with me. 


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