Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Alpha Shifter Seductions Goes Wild...I Mean Live!

Hey Everyone!

Alpha Shifter Seductions is now available for purchase. The five star reviews are rolling in!

Here's a sample of what people are saying about Love Like Wings - my novella in the box set!

Love Like Wings by Amy Lee Burgess...Sebastian can talk the panties off granny and she would feel like she'd swear she got the best off that deal and Lexie knows he's a player but is he? He may just be something more if she will just give him a chance. Great story! 5 big stars

Love like Wings by Amy Burgess- I loved this book! A whirlwind of emotions. A lot of tears, laughter to the point of tears, joyful tears and sad tears. Truly was a remarkable book. I'll definitely be reading more of this new to me author's work in the future. 5 stars.

Love Like Wings by Amy Lee Burgess - Alexa is one stubborn lady. Good thing Sebastian is a patient dragon. Of course, she doesn't know he's a dragon—just another sexy man who wants to bed her and will leave her. Isn't that what she spent her entire life watching her mother do? She vowed to never be her mother, but sure enough the first man she lets herself fall for deserts her too. Now she has this astonishing man, business partner, pursuing her. She is so hot for him but she cannot allow herself to give in. She will not be her mother. When you see how Sebastian tries to overcome her stubborn nature, you too will fall for him. I did. This was fun, touching and I loved it.

Love Like Wings by Amy Lee Burgess It deserves 5 stars! A great story! Dragon shifter, Sebastian is running out of time for getting his mate. Alexa tries not to mix business with pleasure but Sebastian tests her limits.

Alpha Shifter Seductions (Shifter Paranormal Romance Boxed Set)
Alpha Shifter Seductions features your favorite NYT, USA Today, International Bestselling and Award Winning Authors bringing you a scorching ***ALL NEW*** book collection of never-before-seen page turners filled to bursting with seductive shifters.
These hot Alphas will seduce you as you follow dragons, wolves, big cats, and other shifters behind closed doors and between the sheets toward that happily ever after every romantic at heart secretly craves.
Find out what pleasures these Alphas can offer when the temperatures shift!

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