Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday - More From The Circle 2

More from the Circle 2.  :)  Sunday Sneak Peek time again!


“You think you can help me? How?" I asked.
 “I’m your trigger. You heard Oliver tonight. I’m the one who’s supposed to get a handle on this thing. We’re in this together, okay?”
I stared at Andre, vulnerable and alone. He swore beneath his breath and rolled to his feet with his effortless, vampiric grace so he could come to me.
For the first time since we’d left Oliver’s warehouse, I allowed him to embrace me. He smelled so good. He felt so damn wonderful.
“I could lose myself in you,” I whispered, winding my arms around his neck. The rapid thud of his heartbeat matched mine.
“No.” He combed his fingers through my snarled hair. “We find ourselves in each other, Claire. My strength is yours if you’ll just take it.”

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