Thursday, March 21, 2013

More from the Circle 2 Vampires

Sneak Peek Sunday!  More from my vampire novel, The Circle 2.  I'm happy to say the first book in the series, The Circle, is still out of submission and I'm crossing my fingers I hear good news about it soon!


“I don’t choose the memories. They just come to me.” I didn't recognize my own voice. I batted away the tissue and tried to move away from Andre, but he wrapped an arm around my waist and drew me close. His touch and body heat anchored me and I wanted to bury my face in his shoulder and block out the rest of the world, but I forced myself to stand still. Oliver was watching.
“I’m sure that’s a comforting thought to Ursula.” Bastard. Parker always enjoyed someone else’s humiliation. He strolled to a sofa and nonchalantly retrieved Ursula’s coat and purse. “She might want these.”  He gave us all another smirk and left.
“Come on, Neal.” Gareth found their coats and tossed Neal his. Neal didn't catch it and had to stoop to pick it up off the floor, but only after Gareth gave him a not so gentle nudge.
“Hang on,” he muttered as Gareth all but shoved him out the door.
Oliver waited a beat before he looked at me and Andre and gestured to his office. His expression was ominous.
“Show me your Circle mark.” A command not a request. Oliver’s cognac-colored eyes were stormy dark and I knew I shouldn't make him wait, but I was paralyzed with fear. Terror spiked through my veins, cold as winter wind.
“Claire,” Andre murmured. He stood by the closed door, his face blank. Game face, we called it. Whenever we gathered in Oliver’s conference room for our quarterly blood exchange with each other, we tried to maintain our game faces. Blank, expressionless, devoid of emotion. So no one could fuck with us. Except I could because I was an Enhanced vampire. I could read minds, influence behavior, and now, apparently, share frigging memories. 


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  1. I'm loving this, Amy... Great snippets!

  2. Thanks, Sara! I'm really hoping to sell the first one in this series and then this one can follow! :)